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研討會訊息 - 2011 Taiwan Winter School on Information Theory and Communications
Started by Han Vinck and Rolf Johanesson in 1991 in Europe, this event has since expanded to North America and Africa, we are very proud to introduce a Winter School in Taiwan! The main purpose of this school is to provide an opportunity for Taiwanese Ph.D. students and their advisors from different universities to meet and interact. Apart from one instructive plenary lecture, all presentations will be given by Ph.D. students for Ph.D. students. However, we still expect the advisors of all presenting Ph.D. students to participate in the winter school, too!

Even though all talks will be in English in order to provide you the opportunity to practice English presentations, it is not required to present perfect or complete results. In contrary, it might be interesting to present the current status of your research including problems without solution yet. Hopefully you will get some good feedback from your colleagues from other universities!

Besides offering interesting talks, this event will be a great occasion for networking! You will meet many other Ph.D. students from Taiwan, perhaps even start some friendships. In future such connections can be very valuable and enriching.

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